Diva Soundbank Tech & Minimal House

Ignite your tracks with Resonate: our hand-curated Diva preset pack designed for the architects of the Tech & Minimal House movement. This soundbank is your golden ticket to a world of unexplored possibilities, crafted with an emphasis on the details that make this genre unique.

Resonate captures the essence of leading artists such as John Summit, Mau P, Loco Dice, and Michael Bibi, mirroring their  mesmerising grooves that fill dance floors and dominate the airwaves. Boasting a rich collection of pumping basses, hypnotic leads, resonant plucks, and atmospheric pads, this Diva pack provides the critical elements for your next sonic masterpiece.

Embrace the potential of Resonate and let your music speak louder than words.

BS - Baggy
BS - Levitate
BS - Money
BS - Papi
BS - Redemption
BS - Slam
BS - Tequila
BS - Underground
BS - Alpha
LD - Back
LD - Beyond
LD - Count
LD - Dirty
LD - Exploration
LD - Obnoxious
LD - Sinner
FX - Resonate
FX - Synthetic
PL - Bounce
PL - Obscure
PL - Pop
SY - Afraid
SY - Ninety
SY - Streets

Modulations You are in control

A selection of presets come with modwheel modulation which gives you full control to transform the sounds. Furthermore some of presets are velocity driven which leads to endless possibilities.

Before Modulation
After Modulation


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