The Sounds Of Melodic Techno

The evocative aesthetic of melodic techno and house takes the listener on an
emotional journey, defined by mesmerizing soundscapes, hypnotic drums, and
minimal yet enveloping basslines. Creating haunting melodic tracks is not for
everyone: it takes deep knowledge of immersive music, the ability to
create memorable melodies and subtle ambient layers, and of course,
cutting-edge techno samples to build a unique sonic palette.

The Producers School is proud to present Horizon, the evolution in Melodic Techno samples, featuring a wide array of carefully-crafted samples, ranging from atmospheric sounds to spatial synth chords, deep basslines, poignant vocals, and intricate drums. Here you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to create unforgettable tracks that will remain in the hearts and memories ofclubgoers for years to come.

Inspired by artists like Anyma, Tale of Us, Colyn, Agents of Time, ARTBAT, Adriatique, Cassian & many more!

TPS - Horizon - Kick 10
TPS - Horizon - Clap 05
TPS - Horizon - Shaker 04
TPS - Horizon - Downfilter - 03
TPS - Horizon - Riser 04
TPS - Horizon - Uplifter 04
TPS - Horizon - Hat Loop 08
TPS - Horizon - Top loop 04
TPS - Horizon - Top loop 07
TPS - Horizon - Refraction Of Time
TPS - Horizon - Don't Wake Up
BS - Transcript
LD - Pegasus
PL - Timeless
BS - Connect
LD - Realm
PL - United
BS - Down
LD - Trip
PL - Existence
BS - Jacked
LD - Surreal
SY - Flexible
BS - Metal
LD - June
SY - Remember
BS - Person
LD - Utopia
ARP - Repeat
BS - Location
LD - Solar
ARP - Galaxy

FL Studio 20 & Ableton Live 11 Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing or sound design of a Melodic Techno track? Now is your chance to get access to 3 professional project files, both for FL Studio and Ableton.

Project File 01
Project File 02
Project File 03
TPS - Horizon - Arp Loop 05 Bmin (124 BPM)
TPS - Horizon - Arp Loop 08 Bmin (124 BPM)
TPS - Horizon - Bass Loop 04 E (124 BPM)
TPS - Horizon - Bass Loop 09 G (124 BPM)
Big Lead Rack (Before)
Big Lead Rack (After)
Add Texture Rack (Before)
Add Texture Rack (After)

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