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The haunting, introspective atmospheres of melodic techno create a spiritual connection between producers and listeners, bringing to life a sonic experience that goes beyond music and enters the realm of consciousness.

The beauty of this fascinating techno subgenre lies in its unique mix of melodic progressions and subtle percussions. The result is compositions that carefully combine ambient layers with engaging beats, mesmerizing the audience and accompanying them on a spiritual journey unlike any other.

With the release of our latest melodic techno sample pack, Horizon, we decided to seize this opportunity and look into the origins and development of one of the most mystic techno styles.


The History

In the mid-2010s, a few producers decided to go against the tide and started exploring more atmospheric soundscapes in techno. Apparently by pure coincidence, this enigmatic genre seems to have its roots in Italy, where some of the most iconic melodic techno producers began their careers around that time.

Among them, Agents of Time, Tale of Us, and Mind Against were (and still are today) some of the most crucial projects that helped revive the trance vibes of old and popularised the new melodic techno genre. All these techno duos started releasing music in 2013/2014, playing a more introspective sonic palette in the most famous techno clubs worldwide.

The sudden popularity of melodic techno since the late 2010s is also due to a global resurgence of more contemplative electronic styles, such as melodic and progressive house. While other genres, like Future Rave, are pushing the boundaries of heavier basslines and Big Room House, melodic techno perfectly represents the most reflective and spiritual side of techno, with tracks that evolve smoothly and uninterrupted by heavy drops.



Today, melodic techno is one of the most engaging music genres swamping the dancefloors globally, thanks to a perfect blend of energy and elegance, with evocative drops and mesmerizing soundscapes that act as the perfect climax for the most captivating DJ sets.

Melodic techno distances itself from the harder, drop-oriented techno that was popular worldwide until the late 2010s. Enigmatic synths, combined with enveloping basslines and hypnotic beats, make melodic techno the natural successor of 90’s trance, a genre which later evolved into a more bass-heavy, energizing style.

The evocative feel of melodic techno tracks elevates the depth and poignancy of techno music to new, uncharted territories. Melodic techno is electronic music at its finest.


Afterlife in Hi Ibiza - Source: DJ MAG


The Artists

Tale of Us

Mind Against

Agents of Time







The Labels



Afterlife Records

Ministry of Sound Recordings


Stil Vor Talent


5 tracks to discover Melodic Techno

Anyma – Consciousness

Agents of Time – Dream Vision

ARTBAT – Horizon


Monolik - Swallow (Tale Of Us Remix)



Introducing Horizon: The Ultimate Melodic Techno Sample Pack

Horizon is a unique, handcrafted sound library for producers who are exploring the ever-evolving frontiers of melodic techno. In Horizon, you'll find evocative chords and melodies, unforgettable vocals, energizing drum loops, captivating basslines, and much more.

All samples are carefully labelled and ready to use. Each loop shows the tempo it was recorded, and the sample pack also includes project files you can use to add a unique signature to your next melodic techno hit.



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