Inferno II


The Sounds Of Modern Techno

Inferno II – Underground Essentials

Join the techno uprising and make your mark on one of the most influential and beloved music genres of our time.

Inferno II is a modern techno sample pack that will ignite your creativity and take your music to the next level. With an expansive collection of handcrafted tools, you can create your next techno hit with ease, including thunderous kicks, hypnotic basslines, and alluring synth FX.

Inferno II draws inspiration from the underground techno culture, channeling the innovative styles of producers such as Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, ANNA, and more. This sample pack boasts a vast range of sounds that will help you tap into the darkest depths of your creative imagination, and make music that moves people.

From atmospheric pads to sizzling percussion and enchanting vocals, Inferno II has everything you need to create a sonic inferno that will light up any club. So, whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting, embrace the techno revolution and unleash your musical potential with Inferno II.

TPS - Inferno II - Kick 12
TPS - Inferno II - Clap 03
TPS - Inferno - Closed Hat 05
TPS - Inferno II - Downfilter 05
TPS - Inferno II - Uplifter 02
TPS - Inferno II - Impact 10
TPS - Inferno II - Drum Fill 06
TPS - Inferno II - Percussion Loop 09
TPS - Inferno II - Kick Loop 04
TPS - Inferno II - Top Loop 05
TPS - Inferno II - Ride Loop 04
TPS - Inferno II - Kick Loop 09
TPS - Inferno II - Escape
TPS - Inferno II - Darkness
TPS - Inferno II - Rave With Me
ACID - Night
ACID - Pulse
ACID - Trip
BS - Rizz
BS - Scream
BS - Ninety
BS - Pipe
BS - Underground
BS - Tresor
BS - Rumble
LD - Alpha
LD - Lose
LD - Xenos
LD - Insomnia
LD - Loss
SY - Stab 1
SY - Key
SY - Infinite
PL - Hypno
PL - Stone
PL - Cosmic

FL Studio 20, Ableton Live 11 & Logic Pro 10.7 Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing or sound design of a Techno track? Now is your chance to get access to 3 professional project files, both for FL Studio and Ableton.

Project File 01
Project File 02
TPS - Inferno II - 303 Loop 06 (130 BPM)
TPS - Inferno II - 303 Loop 12 (130 BPM)
TPS - Inferno II - Synth Loop 05
TPS - Inferno II - Synth Loop 08
Inferno II

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Inferno II

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Inferno II

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