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Introducing Odyssey, our latest collection of Diva presets, meticulously crafted for producers with a passion for deep, melodic techno. With Odyssey, you'll find a treasure trove of sounds that balance raw energy with intricate emotion, perfect for creating tracks that leave a lasting impact.

Dive into a world of powerful basslines, straightforward leads, and smooth pads—all designed to enhance your productions and bring your musical ideas to life. "Odyssey" is all about providing you with easy-to-use yet impactful sounds that work seamlessly in any mix. Odyssey is packed with presets that are both accessible and deeply musical, ensuring you have what you need to make your tracks stand out.

Drawing inspiration from the nuanced sounds of Mind Against, the energetic beats of Kevin de Vries, and the emotive melodies of Adriatique, "Odyssey" is your ticket to a richer, more fulfilling sound experience. Embrace simplicity and depth with "Odyssey" and let your music journey begin.

BS - There
BS - Mars
BS - Drift
BS - Afterworld
BS - Earth
BS - Redemption
BS - Wanted
BS - Flash
BS - Energetic
LD - Bold
LD - Journey
LD - Just
LD - Neptune
LD - Rave
LD - Travel
PL - Rewind
PL - Slide
PL - Apollo
SY - Complete
SY - Mysterious
SY - Rival
ARP - Mind
ARP - Mutual
ATMO - Unstable

Modulations You are in control

All of the presets come with modwheel modulation which gives you full control to transform the sounds. Furthermore a selection of presets are velocity driven which leads to endless possibilities.

Before Modulation
After Modulation

Royalty-Free MIDI Files & WAVS Instant Inspiration

Each preset comes enriched with corresponding MIDI and WAV files. The MIDI files grant you the flexibility to tweak notes and rhythms to perfection, while the WAV files offer a crystal-clear audio representation of each preset. Together, they open up a realm of creative possibilities, ensuring that you have everything you need to bring your musical visions to life.


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