Melodic Techno Bundle


The Sounds Of Melodic Techno & House

Dive into the heart of melodic techno and house with our exclusive Producer Suite Bundle, featuring a carefully curated collection of our most innovative and inspiring sample and preset packs: Eclipse, Horizon, Astral, Nova, Spectrum, and Odyssey.

Designed for producers at every level, this bundle is your comprehensive toolkit for crafting tracks that resonate deeply with the emotional and sonic complexity of the genre. With influences ranging from Tale of Us to ARTBAT, and Camelphat to Kevin de Vries, each pack offers a unique blend of loops, samples, presets, and FX.

Let this extensive sample collection illuminate your path to mastery and inspire your next unforgettable melodic track.

Eclipse is a comprehensive producer suite designed for the Melodic Techno enthusiast. Crafted with intricate rhythms, ethereal melodies, and pulsating bass, Eclipse is your gateway to a realm where emotion and technology intertwine. Inspired by the likes of Tale of Us and Adriatique.

TPS - Eclipse - Kick 07
TPS - Eclipse - Clap 09
TPS - Eclipse - Tom 05
TPS - Eclipse - Perc Loop 12
TPS - Eclipse - Acoustic Hat Loop 01
TPS - Eclipse - Long Fill 01

Horizon offers a spectrum of atmospheric sounds, spatial synth chords, and deep basslines. Tailored for creating haunting, memorable melodies, this pack is your foundation for tracks that resonate long after the club closes. Draw inspiration from Anyma to ARTBAT and make your mark in the Melodic Techno scene.

TPS - Horizon - Kick 10
TPS - Horizon - Clap 05
TPS - Horizon - Shaker 04
TPS - Horizon - Hat Loop 08
TPS - Horizon - Riser FX 04
TPS - Horizon - Downfilter 03

Embark on a melodic journey with Astral, the essential pack for Melodic Techno and House. From basslines to leads, and everything in between, Astral provides key and tempo-labeled loops and samples for seamless creation. Inspired by labels like Afterlife and Anjunadeep, it's your toolkit for joining the ranks of the genre's best.

TPS - Astral - Kick 05
TPS - Astral - Clap 06
TPS - Astral - Perc 03
TPS - Astral - Percussion Loop 02
TPS - Astral - Hat Loop 09
TPS - Astral - Top Loop 02

Nova presents an exquisite selection of Diva presets, perfect for crafting evocative sonic textures and deep emotional tracks. With immersive pads, unique leads, and dynamic basslines, Nova puts the future of Melodic Techno at your fingertips. Inspired by ARTBAT and Anyma, this pack is for the electronic explorer aiming for the stars.

BS - Commander
BS - Directions
BS - Rest
LD - Novium
PL - Matter
SY - Maestro

Step into the fusion of deep and melodic soundscapes with Spectrum, a collection of Diva presets designed to bring soul and sophistication to your tracks. From driving basslines to expressive leads, Spectrum offers deeply nuanced sounds that cater to both beginners and experienced artists. Inspired by Camelphat and Meduza, unlock a profound auditory experience.

BS - Flawless
BS - Cobalt
LD - Paradox
SY - Escape
ARP - Hopeful
ATMO - Whistler

Odyssey offers a treasure trove of Diva presets tailored for deep, melodic techno. Balancing raw energy with intricate emotion, it's the perfect tool for tracks that leave a lasting impact. With straightforward leads and smooth pads, Odyssey draws inspiration from Mind Against and Kevin de Vries, enriching your sound experience with simplicity and depth.

BS - Mars
BS - Energetic
LD - Neptune
LD - Travel
ARP - Mind
ATMO - Unstable

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Melodic Techno Bundle

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Melodic Techno Bundle

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Melodic Techno Bundle

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  • "The Producer School presets are second to none, we’ve been using them in lots of our productions of late an getting the desired inspiration an results. Absolutely solid 10/10"

    - Camelphat (Sony, Afterlife, Defected)

  • ''Presets and samples are extremely well made! These sounds are a must for every producer who wants to go straight into what he needs without major tweaking needed! Absolutely recommended.''

    - VINAI (Spinnin' Records)

  • "Been using the presets and samples from the producer school for quite a while now! Super easy to use and love that they have very versatile packs & styles to choose from! Quality stuff"

    - Tom & Jame (STMPD, FHM)