Diva Soundbank Afro & Melodic House

Elevate your production capabilities with Desert, the latest offering in synth sophistication from The Producer School. This exclusive collection of Diva presets is meticulously crafted for the visionary producer, designed to infuse your tracks with the lush, expansive sounds of Afro House.

Explore a rich tapestry of sonic elements with Desert's sweeping pads, delicate plucks, and dynamic leads. These presets are carefully tuned to capture the spirit and vibrancy of the genre, inspired by pioneers like Black Coffee and Keinemusik.

Step into a realm where each note opens new possibilities. Ideal for producers looking to push the boundaries and create tracks that resonate deeply with listeners. Desert isn’t just a soundbank—it’s your portal to innovative musical exploration and creativity.

BS - Superior
BS - Free
BS - Glory
BS - Destination
BS - Passion
BS - Knocker
LD - Behold
LD - Everything
LD - Spoken
DR - Shaker
DR - Plop
DR - Tom 02
FX - Fall
FX - Lazergun
FX - Swoosh
PL - Catch
PL - Pray
PL - Cliffs
SY - Galaxies
SY - Nowhere
SY - Amazon
SEQ - Away
SEQ - Message
SEQ - Plan

Royalty-Free MIDI Files & WAVS Instant Inspiration

Every preset in this collection is accompanied by matching MIDI and WAV files. The MIDI files allow for precise editing of notes and rhythms, tailoring each sound to your exact needs, while the WAV files provide high-quality audio samples of the presets. Combined, they unlock a world of artistic potential, equipping you with all the necessary tools to realize your musical ideas with clarity and precision.


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Presets, MIDI Files & WAV Loops
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Oasis Bundle & Desert Full
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