All Serum Bundle

2000+ Multi-Genre Serum Presets

2000+ Presets Ultimate Collection

Our new product is a comprehensive bundle that combines all of our premium serum preset packs into one expansive collection, offering producers an unparalleled variety of sounds at their fingertips.

This all-inclusive set provides endless inspiration for music creation, with hundreds of presets spanning multiple genres and styles, all meticulously curated to spark creativity. Perfect for both novice and experienced producers, this bundle ensures that the perfect sound is always within reach, streamlining the workflow and enriching any musical project

Including presets from our best selling packs like Illusion, Horizon and Dimension.

BS - Commander
BS - Directions
BS - Faith
BS - Kinetic
BS - Ray
BS - Reality
BS - Reflection
BS - Rest
BS - Obscura
LD - Futurism
LD - Lotus
LD - Novium
LD - Quantum
LD - Samsara
LD - Sensation
LD - Transcend
LD - Under
LD - Radiance
PL - Evolve
PL - Matter
PL - Tomorrow
SY - Lumina
SY - Maestro
SY - Ultra

Macros You are in control

The Serum Presets are equipped with intuitive macro controls, allowing for swift and precise sound tweaking to suit your unique style. This feature ensures a seamless experience in sculpting the perfect tone for your tracks, enhancing your creative flow.

Before Modulation
After Modulation
All Serum Bundle

All Serum Bundle

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