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The Sounds Of Modern Techno

Introducing the Pinnacle Techno Bundle, a masterfully assembled collection of our premier packs: Inferno I and Inferno II - Modern Techno. This elite bundle stands as your portal to the cutting edge of the techno music scene, presenting an unmatched selection of samples, projects, and more that encapsulate the essence of modern techno.

Harness the power of Inferno I and Inferno II - Modern Techno to unlock a new realm of creative possibilities. Begin your journey to techno mastery and shape the future sound of the genre today!

Inferno has everything you'll need to create your next techno hit is right here, from pulsating basslines to almighty kicks, enchanting vocals and captivating synth FX. Dive into our deep collection of sounds and explore the
darkest side of your creativity.

TPS - Inferno - Kick 13
TPS - Inferno - Clap 07
TPS - Inferno - C Hat 07
TPS - Inferno - Kick Loop 01
TPS - Inferno - RIde Loop 04
TPS - Inferno - Top Loop 19

Inferno II is a modern techno sample pack that will ignite your creativity and take your music to the next level. With an expansive collection of handcrafted tools, you can create your next techno hit with ease, including thunderous kicks, hypnotic basslines, and alluring synth FX.

TPS - Inferno II - Kick 12
TPS - Inferno II - Clap 03
TPS - Inferno II - Fill 06
TPS - Inferno II - Kick Loop 04
TPS - Inferno II - Perc Loop 09
TPS - Inferno II - Top Loop 05

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Techno Bundle

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Inferno I and Inferno II
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Techno Bundle


Serum Presets Inferno I and Inferno II
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  • "The Producer School presets are second to none, we’ve been using them in lots of our productions of late an getting the desired inspiration an results. Absolutely solid 10/10"

    - Camelphat (Sony, Afterlife, Defected)

  • ''Presets and samples are extremely well made! These sounds are a must for every producer who wants to go straight into what he needs without major tweaking needed! Absolutely recommended.''

    - VINAI (Spinnin' Records)

  • "Been using the presets and samples from the producer school for quite a while now! Super easy to use and love that they have very versatile packs & styles to choose from! Quality stuff"

    - Tom & Jame (STMPD, FHM)