Progressive House

The Sounds Of Progressive House

Progressive house is a genre that has been on the top for several years. Many producers aspire to be as good as some of the greatest progressive house producers, but find it very challenging. That's why we created this phenomenal sound library.

This bundle contains everything YOU need to make your productions sound professional and unique at the same time. Maybe it is you performing on Tomorrowland in a few years!

TPS - Progression - Kick 02
TPS - Progression - Drumloop 06
TPS - Progression - Claploop 05
TPS - Progression - Long Fill 08
TPS - Progression - Downfilter 04
TPS - Progression - Downfilter 08
TPS - Progression - Upfilter 04
TPS - Progression - Uplifter 07
TPS - Progression - Perc 03
LD - What
LD - Wizard
LD - Like I Do
BS - Bass Guitar
BS - Worth
PL - Yottabyte
PL - Spotless
SY - Magic
SY - Love

FL Studio 20 Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing or sound design of a Melodic Techno track? Now is your chance to get access to 3 professional project files, both for FL Studio.

Project File 01
Project File 02
Project File 03


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