Modern Dance Bundle


The Sounds Of Modern Dance

Introducing the Ultimate Modern Dance Bundle, a meticulously curated collection of our top-tier packs: Omnia, Illusion, and Vision. This exclusive bundle is your golden ticket to the forefront of today's dance music scene, offering an unparalleled array of sounds that define the contemporary sonic landscape.

Elevate your production game with the Ultimate Modern Dance Bundle and make your mark on the sound of today. Unlock the potential of Omnia, Illusion, and Vision, and embark on your path to becoming a dance music sensation today!

Omnia is a tribute to dance music's ever-evolving vibrancy, drawing inspiration from genres like Stutter House, Deep House, UK garage, and the groundbreaking artistry of Fred Again, ODESZA, Bicep, and others at the forefront of the dance music scene.

TPS - Omnia - Kick 07
TPS - Omnia - Clap 08
TPS - Omnia - Rimshot 08
TPS - Omnia - Perc Loop 05
TPS - Omnia - Top Loop 03
TPS - Omnia - Top Loop 19

Illusion is the revolution in Deep House samples, featuring a wide array of carefully-crafted samples, ranging from aerial pads to mesmerizing effect sounds, punchy basslines and the best of all: two amazing male full vocal stems that will take your Deep House productions to the next level.

TPS - Illusion - Kick 07
TPS - Illusion - Clap 05
TPS - Illusion - Crash 04
TPS - Illusion - Perc Loop 03
TPS - Illusion - Top Loop 03
TPS - Illusion - Downfilter 09

Vision equips you with the essential tools to bring your deep house dreams to life. Dive into Vision for a transformative production experience, and start creating deep house masterpieces that resonate with the essence of the genre's giants.

TPS - Vision - Kick 06
TPS - Vision - Snap 02
TPS - Vision - Perc 15
TPS - Vision - Percussion Fill 01
TPS - Vision - Drumloop 05
TPS - Vision - Atmosphere 08

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Modern Dance Bundle


Omnia, Illusion & Vision
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Modern Dance Bundle


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  • "The Producer School presets are second to none, we’ve been using them in lots of our productions of late an getting the desired inspiration an results. Absolutely solid 10/10"

    - Camelphat (Sony, Afterlife, Defected)

  • ''Presets and samples are extremely well made! These sounds are a must for every producer who wants to go straight into what he needs without major tweaking needed! Absolutely recommended.''

    - VINAI (Spinnin' Records)

  • "Been using the presets and samples from the producer school for quite a while now! Super easy to use and love that they have very versatile packs & styles to choose from! Quality stuff"

    - Tom & Jame (STMPD, FHM)