The Sounds Of Hard House & Trance

Step into the resurgence of Hard House & Trance with Ecstatic, a premium producer suite designed to ignite your tracks with the electrifying energy of today’s dance floors.

Ecstatic is more than just a sample pack—it’s a bridge to the pulsating beats and sweeping euphoria characteristic of the revitalized Hard House & Trance scenes. Inspired by genre luminaries like Marlon Hoffstadt, DJ Heartstring, and Funk Tribu, Ecstatic delivers an authentic sound palette designed to elevate your music productions.

With Ecstatic, experience a meticulously curated collection of pounding basslines, soaring synths, and dynamic percussive elements that capture the essence of both genres. From the adrenaline-pumping rhythms of Hard House to the transcendental melodies of Trance, this sample pack offers a versatile toolkit for producers aiming to make a mark in these vibrant musical territories.

Ecstatic sets the stage for musical innovation, providing all the necessary components to create tracks that resonate with the heart-thumping spirit of Hard House and the mesmerizing allure of Trance. Whether you’re crafting a club banger or a festival anthem, Ecstatic is your definitive source for contemporary dance music sounds, helping you channel the raw power and emotion of the dance music revival into your productions.

TPS - Ecstatic - Kick 08
TPS - Ecstatic - Clap 08
TPS - Ecstatic - Snare 05
TPS - Ecstatic - Percussion 11
TPS - Ecstatic - Downfilter 03
TPS - Ecstatic - Uplifter 02
TPS - Ecstatic - Fill 04
TPS - Ecstatic - Scratch 03
TPS - Ecstatic - Impact 04
TPS - Ecstatic - Rave Loop 03
TPS - Ecstatic - Hat Loop 07
TPS - Ecstatic - Top Loop 04
TPS - Ecstatic - Dance 2 The Beat (145 BPM)
TPS - Ecstatic - Feelings (145 BPM)
TPS - Ecstatic - Vocal Loop 01 (145 BPM)
ACID - Hero
LD - Just
PL - Forever
ACID - Primary
LD - Electro
PL - Justice
BS - Doubler
LD - Nitro
CH - Turning
BS - Ground
LD - Absolute
CH - Someone
BS - Right
LD - Deviation
SY - Enchanting
BS - Ground
LD - Holy
SY - Trance Gate 04
BS - Turbo
LD - Storms
SY - Unity
Project Files

FL Studio 21 & Ableton Live 11 & Logic Pro 10.7 Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing or sound design of a Hard House or Modern Trance track? Now is your chance to get access to 3 professional project files, both for FL Studio and Ableton.

Project File 01
Project File 02
Project File 03
TPS - Ecstatic - Acid Loop 09
TPS - Ecstatic - Acid Loop 10
TPS - Ecstatic - Synth Loop 02
TPS - Ecstatic - Synth Loop 07

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