How to deal with a pandemic as a producer

The world is facing one of the biggest challenges ever: a killer pandemic. It is a horrible situation and it is unclear how long this setting will hold on for. For music producers, quarantine can be a highly effective way to improve their musical knowledge and skills.

We listed some things you can start right now, as you probaly have lots of time.

1. Get online

Besides production, there is much more a music producer can do. You should not limit yourself to music production, explore the online world.

- Create your own YouTube channel

Nowadays we see a big increase of artists growing significantly, because they initiated a Youtube channel. On a artist YouTube channel you can do various things:

- upload music (originals, remixes)

- do live streams (demo sessions, producer sessions)

- upload tutorials (explain your tracks)

- upload challenges (10 min challenge, wheel challenge)

- upload vlogs (Dancefair vlog, studio vlog, ADE vlog)

All these things are super fun to do and can increase your audience massively. One paragon is definitely Jonas Aden. He grew his YouTube channel to over 135k already.

How can I grow on YouTube?
Many people find it extremely hard to grow on social platforms, including YouTube. My biggest tip I can give you, is to just start uploading and never give up. In the beginning you will have a verry little audience, but if you keep putting out quality content, you will eventually get there. Just remember that 1 viral video can make your channel grow significantly.

Do I need fancy and expensive gear?
No. Fancy gear is a nice thing, but it is not necessary. You can start out by using a cheap microphone (Blue Yeti for example) and a free screen recorder (obs). Once you saved up enough money, you can think about getting an expensive camera or microphone.

- Create your own store
One great way to receive some income as a muscian, is to run your own online-store. In a online-store you can offer various products and services:
- Sample packs and soundbanks (like we do!)
- Ghost-productions
- Courses
Of course you are not limited to the list above, be creative with products and services!

Is it easy to start a online store?
Creating an online store has become much more easy in the the past few years. Services like Shopify and Sellfy are fairly cheap and very user friendly. Now is the time to start exploring those services, as you have a lot of time.

2. Work on your music
Of course, a very obvious thing to do is making music. The more you spend your time on your music, the more you will expand your knowledge and skills. Here are a few things you can do:

- Create an album or EP
- Remix your favorite tune
- Remake your favorite dance track

Doing things like this can boost your inspiration as well as your skills.

3. Level up!
Now is the time to learn a new skill. There are some very important and useful skills besides producing music and I will list them below:

Learn Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is one of the most useful computer skills you can have nowadays. If you are able to find your way in Photoshop you can:
- Make your own logo
- Make your own social media kit (banners, logo's, posts)
- Design your own cover arts (if you are not signed to a label)

Learn Sony Vegas / Adobe Premiere (video editing)
Being able to edit your own video's is a huge advantage nowadays. Here are some things you can do:
- Edit your own video's for your YouTube channel (tutorials, challenges)
- Make your own promotion material (artist trailer, aftermovies)
- Make your own video clip (hard but very cool :)

Learn to master your track
Mastering is something many producers find very tempting. If you are able to master your own tracks properly, you'll have a huge advantage on the people who are not able to get a clean master. On YouTube and internet you can find a lot of information about mastering.

Do something you have never done before
There are so many things you haven't done yet. Maybe you will find something you are very passionated about. Go and try things out right now!

Make sure you guys stay stafe and #stayhome. If we don't take this pandemic serious we won't be able to fight it off. Start working!

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