Black Friday 2023 Producer Deals! 🏴

November brings you the most anticipated shopping event for bargain hunters worldwide – Black Friday. For music producers, this isn’t just a day to snag a deal on a new pair of shoes; it's the perfect symphony of opportunity to upgrade their studio without breaking the bank.

In this blog post we're diving into the ultimate list of Black Friday deals that we believe are producer must haves!

  1. U-he Diva: Diva, the virtual analog synthesizer by u-he, is renowned for its rich, authentic sound, making it a trusted tool for any music producer's toolkit. At 50% off, this Black Friday deal is one of our favorites!  Diva: The spirit of analogue | u-he 
  •  U-he Diva: €89.50         

    2. Sonarworks: Getting SoundID by Sonarworks at half-price is a game-changer for producers who want to make sure their mixes are spot-on in any environment. This Black Friday deal makes it affordable to get this top-notch sound calibration tool that helps your music translate well on different systems. 

    Sonarworks SoundID Reference

    • Sonarworks SH + Mic:  €179.00

    3. Arturia: Arturia excels in the realm of synth emulation, offering producers a suite of  classics that replicate the warmth and depth of their hardware counterparts. Their newer plugin, Pigments, complements this by providing a cutting-edge digital synthesis experience that's both versatile and intuitive, catering to modern sound design needs. Now all with 50% discount.

    Arturia V Collection 9

    • V Bundle: €299.99 

    4. XLN Audio: XLN offers a suite of premium plugins designed for a range of audio production tasks. Among their plugins is Addictive Drums, a plugin that enables producers to create authentic-sounding acoustic drum loops with ease. Additionally, their lineup includes effects plugins such as the widely acclaimed RC-20, a creative FX plugin cherished for its versatility and unique sound-shaping capabilities. Now all with 50% discount.

    RC-20 Retro Color - XLN Audio

    • RC-20: 49.99
    5. Kick2: Kick2 stands out as an essential tool for producers aiming to craft their own kick drums because of its user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and sculpting the perfect kick sound.
    How to synthesize a house kick using Sonic Academy Kick 2 | MusicRadar
    • Kick2:  €33.99

    6. FabFilterFabFilter needs no introduction among audio production circles, renowned for its high-quality sound and sleek interface across its plugin suite. From the precision of the Pro-Q equalizer to the dynamic control of the Pro-C compressor, FabFilter provides tools that are both intuitive and powerful, catering to the needs of mixing and mastering professionals. 25% Off

    FabFilter Pro-L 2 - Limiter Plug-In

    • Mastering Bunlde:  €329.95

    7. Julia Borelli's list: One of our favourite mixing engineer also made a list, which might be super interesting for a lot of you guys. So you can check it here

    8. The Producer School: Our annual Black Friday Sale is now live! Save up to 80% on sample packs, presets and more!  This our first and ONLY sale of the year so if you always wanted to get one of our packs or if you are looking for some fresh sounds, now is the time! ⁠

    Go to to make use of this exclusive sale!⁠

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your production arsenal with premium tools at unbeatable prices. Black Friday is the perfect time to snag these deals, so dive in and make your mark in the audio world with top-tier gear that won't break the bank. Happy shopping, and even happier creating!

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